On Friday, March 28, 2014, Mt. Greenwood School will be hosting a St. Baldrick’s event!!
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Mount Greenwood school has been impacted by childhood cancer time and time again. Currently we have a few students that are undergoing Chemo therapy or have just finished. In addition, we have students that have been in remission for a few months but are constantly reminded of the battle as they go for tests to ensure that the cancer has not returned.

This Friday our students will participate in St. Baldricks. As of today we have raised, $12,890 !!!!

It is not too late to fill out the permission slip and have your child or yourself participate in such a great cause!!

All students that raise $50 and participate will receive a St. Baldrick's t-shirt. This t-shirt may be worn every Friday for the remainder of the year as a reminder of their contributions!!

In addition, I am asking ALL students, participating in St. Baldricks or not, to contribute a minimum of $1.00 and wear a GOLD t-shirt. The Gold Ribbon is the color and symbol for childhood cancer. This is in support for all of the kids at MTG and our staff that have had to battle cancer with their own children.

TOGETHER our prayers, thoughts and our contributions WILL make a difference.

THANK YOU to Our Stylists!


Mount Greenwood Elementary was selected to receive a $1,000 grant via participation in the BOKS (Build Our Kids Success) program.
BOKS is an initiative of the Reebok Foundation.



Welcome back to our current families and welcome to MTG for our new families!!!!
First Day of School: August 26th.  Grades 1-8.  
KDG FIRST DAY:  Parents come and stay with their kids the first day for an orientation.  Please follow the times below:
Room 102 - 8:30
Room 103- 9:30
Room 104 -10:30
Room 106 -12:00
Room 108 – 1:00
PRESCHOOL FIRST DAY: AM Session 9:00-10:00 parents stay with the kids.
                                            PM Session 12:30-1:30 parents stay with the kids.
Supply Lists:  Can be found at HERE
Uniforms:  K-6  Navy Blue pants with a white or light blue 3 button polo shirt 
                   with a collar.
7 & 8 Khaki pants with a white or light blue 3 button polo shirt with a collar.
                  Pants are worn at the waist with a belt and shirt tucked in.  
Medical:  Physical exam forms must be completed prior to  the first day of school for all Kindergarteners &  6th  graders.        Students not in compliance may be excluded from classes until all medical forms are turned in.
Dental:    Dental forms must be completed for grades KDG, 2nd, 6th. 
Vision: KDG
Patrol Meeting:  5-8 grade students interested in becoming members of the 
School Safety Patrol will meet on Tuesday, August 20th at  10:00 to receive their patrol belt and assignment.  All new and returning members must be present.
Registration: If you are registering a child for the first time please call the office to make an appointment to come in PRIOR to book fee day.  At that time please  bring in 3 proofs of residency, (electric, gas, water  bills, mortgage papers), transfer paperwork,  birth certificate and a Picture ID.

Our site will provide you with an introduction to Mt. Greenwood School's programs, our teachers, our students, their work and links to other sites that could be helpful.  


Congratulations to the Mount Greenwood School community!

The October 2011 issue of Chicago magazine ranked Mt. Greenwood as one of the top schools in the city!! What an honor – congratulations to you, my students and my dedicated staff for making this happen! :)

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